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Season of Sprouts: Indoor Garden Tips

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Season of Sprouts: indoor garden tips

It's the season of sprouts! Let's kick spring off on the right foot with some new vibrant, leafy friends to care for.

Living on the road or in a small space? Fear not, Plant Parent - we've collected several tips on how to care for your own indoor garden, including various plant options for spaces with low-light, those who need something low-maintenance and/or adaptable, and owners who may not have a lot of room to spare.

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Low Light 

The Chinese Money Plant (or Pilea) thrives in indirect sunlight and needs watering only when the soil is dry. The large leaves tend to acquire dust, so simply rotate it once a week for a lush, happy plant.  

The Nerve Plant (or Fittoina) is a lovely tropical house plant that prefers low to medium light — it will dry out with too much sun! Add the Nerve Plant to hanging baskets, table tops, and terrariums for a pop of red, pink, or green.

The Snake Plant is a beautiful striped plant of the succulent variety. It grows straight up and is one of the most recommended plants for improving air quality. It converts CO2 to Oxygen at night, so place the Snake Plant near your bed to get a little extra oxygen flowing!

Low Maintenance 

Cacti originate from extremely dry climates, making them a very low maintenance plant. There are variety of Cactus to choose from, and very when it comes to watering and placement within a home. Depending on the size and type, Cacti only need to be watered once or twice a month!

Bamboo derives from both hot and cold climates, meaning this plant can adapt to various light conditions, although it prefers indirect light. It only needs about an inch of water every week or so, so no worries about remembering to do it on a specific day. Bamboo is a plant that will thrive regardless!  

Aloe Vera is not only a beautiful, easy, and interesting plant, it's useful too! Break off a leaf of Aloe and apply the gel-like interior to your sunburns for instant relief. Perfect for sunny days spent exploring!


Oxalis is favored for its purple color and is extremely adaptable! This plant thrives in a variety of lighting and only needs water a few times a week. It's a pleasure to watch too, as it opens and closes in response to light — at night, the leaves fold, while the morning sun prompts them to spread back out.

Anthurium flowers are easy to look after; they need very little attention to keep them looking gorgeous! Keep your tropical Anthurim in indirect sunlight with a moderate amount of humidity and water it once to twice a week, depending on season.

Peperomia loves medium to low light away from direct sun. They also do quite well in florescent lighting, if you're looking to flex your green thumb in artificial light. Water the Peperomia thoroughly, then simply wait until the soil has dried out about 50% before watering again.

Small - Size

Air Plants are exactly what they sound like! They get the majority of their nutrients from the air and thrive without any soil. Water, mist, or soak these small plants according to the weather and retire them to the decorative vessel of your choice. If their leaves start to curl up, it's a good sign that they are in need of hydration.

Jade Plants love indirect sunlight with a few hours of direct every day (great for east or west-facing windows). Much like the Money Plant mentioned earlier, the leaves tend to collect dust, so wipe them down occasionally to allow for more sun absorption. Watering the Jade Plant is simple: only water when the top of the soil is dry to the touch. 

Looking for something beautiful and functional? One of the most beneficial ways to test out your green thumb is to create an herb garden you can both see and sample! Pot your herbs in well drained soil where they can thrive. Most herbs love high levels of sunlight, so place your tasty garden near an unobstructed window for best results.

Trees for the Future

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