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How to be a Tourist in Your Hometown

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How to be a Tourist in Your Hometown

Have you ever felt the urge to travel but don’t want to break the bank? Or maybe you’ve just found yourself in a city you’re unfamiliar with. Whatever the case may be, here are a few ways to be a tourist in your hometown that can be just as rewarding as that dream trip to New Zealand.

Make a Plan

If you’ve lived in your town for a while, you may have developed a list of a few places to explore “someday”. Unfortunately, someday will never happen without a concrete plan. So pull out your calendar, commit to a date, and let the adventure happen.

Take Advantage of the Season

No matter the season, there are always activities to experience if you take some time to research and plan ahead. Depending on the weather, you may find a thrilling new hobby like mountain climbing, rafting, snowboarding, or even snowshoeing.
Check out seasonal festivals and celebrations in your town too! Do tourists come from near and far for the local markets or for your towns infamous apple picking? Now is the time to get outside and embrace natures best medicine, whatever the weather conditions might be.

Rent A Room

Waking up somewhere new is an exceptional way to set the mood for exploring. There’s something exciting about renting a hotel room or bed-and-breakfast that often leads to unexpected adventuring. If funds are low, stay the night at a friend’s place and invite them on your excursions for the day. Wherever you find yourself, the additional thrill of being away from home for the night will only increase the excitement of the day.

Take a Tour

Many people never think to book a tour in their hometown because they assume they already know everything, but there is always something more to learn! Put yourself in the shoes of a tourist and seek to view your city in a different perspective.
If you live near water, it might be fun to take a cruise on the harbor or even a whale watching tour. For an alternate perspective, try booking a helicopter tour for an aerial view of your city.  

Improve Your Daily Habits

Make your daily tasks memorable and fun! Your daily walk to work could turn into a stroll around a new neighborhood. Do you spend your Friday nights binge watching Netflix and indulging in pizza? Perhaps its time to try out that pizzeria in town you’ve been dreaming about. You would be amazed how small changes to your daily habits could increase the opportunity for adventure.

Wear Soothing Slippers

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