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How to Choose the Perfect Campsite - & Perfect Slippers

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How to Choose the Perfect Campsite - & Perfect Slippers

New to camping, or maybe you just need a refresher for the season? Either way you’ve come to the right place. Summer is in full swing, and that means exciting outdoor adventures like swimming in sparkling lakes, hiking through forests, and kayaking through beautiful rivers. Finding the perfect campsite could make or break the success of your trip, so we’ve come up with ways to choose the perfect campsite. Don’t forget about those chilly summer nights - read until the end for tips on how to choose the perfect slippers for camping.

Knowing what size campsite you should be aiming for is important. You should take into consideration how much space your tent will need, weather or not you will need a dining area, or if you are planning on using a camper van. Another thing to keep in mind is where your campfire will be located on the site. You want to find a site that can fit all your gear and hold a fire safely.

Keep an eye out for a mostly level campsite. You don’t want anything too downhill otherwise you may run the risk of rolling out of bed! A little slope to sleep on is alright. Sleeping downhill may help reduce any swelling which may have accumulated throughout the day. However, you don’t want your legs to be higher than your head when sleeping. Even if you’ve checked the weather, it’s always good to plan for rain. If you’re in a site that dips, water could potentially collect and create puddles in your campsite.

If your campsite will be a base for a few days, it’s important to choose a site that offers plenty of shade during the day. A tent's nylon canopy deteriorates when left in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Look for trees, rock structures, and natural shady spots to pitch your tent. Camping under big trees usually means less dew and more warmth. Just make sure there are no dead branches hanging, or anything that could fall on your campsite.

When looking for a campsite, look at your must have list and compare it to your desired wants in a campsite. After you’ve taken all the must haves into consideration (like size, level, and shade), think about what would make the perfect campsite for you. Do you particularly mind if your campsite is close to others, near a water source, or far from a usable bathroom? These are just some examples of what a perfect campsite for you might be.

Site Conditions
Take a look at the site very closely upon arrival to make sure nothing will harm you on your trip. Check the ground for twigs, sharp rocks, excessive bugs, or trash that may hinder your camping experience. Sometimes you may be forced to put up with a camp that doesn’t meet all your needs, you just need to be prepared for when it happens and make adjustments when necessary. Remember that no conditions are bad enough to burden your camping experience. The more you camp, the more finding a safe camp spot will become second nature… so go get out there!

Just because you spent the day hiking, swimming, and kayaking in the sun; doesn't mean it won't get cold at night. We all know hot summer days usually end with breezy nights. Even if you brought an extra jacket and a blanket to stay warm, nothing will beat those chilly summer nights like a pair of cozy slippers – perfect for relaxing by the fire under the stars. 

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