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Slips with Grip

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Slips with grip

Spend your winter bundled up in warmth without worrying about ice, sleet, or snow. With hearty tread and a cozy lining, Staheekum slippers keep you warm while combating slippery surfaces. We've selected several styles with extra traction to pack on your next excursion.

Although these styles have been selected for their thicker tread, all of our slippers feature sturdy rubber outsoles to prevent slipping when walking.

Men's Glacier

Take your pup on her favorite route then catch up on some cuddles in the versatile Glacier slipper like Travis Danforth! This style, along with the Porter and the Alder, features our thickest outsole and signature Spring Foam insole. Similar to memory foam, this insole molds to your foot while providing support and elasticity in every step.

Grip Level: 5/5

Men's Country

The Country slipper is a crowd favorite for its classic moccasin style and substantial grip. It provides comfort inside and out with great traction, a memory foam insole, and genuine shearling lining. Pack the Country slipper to stay cozy and adventure-ready, like Caleb Sica finding his balance on a fallen tree!

Grip Level: 4/5

Men's Alpine

Although the Alpine has a thinner outsole, this style is still great for light strolls to pick up the mail, take out the trash, or walk around your campsite. If you're looking for something with a bit more traction than your typical slipper, the Alpine is perfect for days relaxing at home and staying sturdy on surfaces like hardwood or laminate.

Grip Level: 2/5

Women's Cascade

Every day, at least one woman here at Staheekum is wearing the Cascade or Cascade Mule. We fondly refer to them as "shoelippers" for their thick sneaker-like outsole, combined with the memory foam and plush interior of a slipper. This style will keep you cozy on every adventure, including hiking, camping, or to simply run errands in ultimate comfort.

Grip Level: 5/5

Women's Carina

Wrap your feet in a cloud-like hug with the Carina slipper. This style features shearling lining throughout and a thick, grooved rubber outsole, making it great for excursions on the trail, a rocky beach, or just around your neighborhood. Try flipping up the cuff to enhance the boot-like look and keep your feet even warmer! 

Grip Level: 4/5

Women's Soothe

With its hearty outsole and thick plush lining, the Soothe is a reliable slipper that keeps your feet comfortable while remaining both indoor and outdoor friendly. The lush forest floor and slippery rocks are of no concern for Grace Hsieh, who enjoys wearing her Soothe on adventures to Panther Creek Falls!

Grip Level: 3/5

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