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Taking 5 With: Amanda Meyer

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Taking 5 with Amanda Meyer. Image by @withwildhearts_co
Meet Amanda Meyer, an incredible artist and adventurer from the stunning Pacific Northwest. With captivating mountain ranges and evergreen trees from her home, she shares the beauty of the outdoors in her work.

Amanda has worked on several projects with us including a mural in our Staheekum office, and even a pair of slippers which she painted a beautiful landscape illustration! Enter the auction on her page where you can purchase this pair! Amanda is so generous to donate all the funds to our non profit Trees for the Future!
Read our Q&A with Amanda below, and check out her favorite slipper style the Cascade!

Don't forget to keep up with her projects and adventures on her Instagram @withwildhearts_co and her Etsy!

1.) What are some of your hobbies and interests?
I feel like my hobbies are very catered to the Pacific Northwest. I love to hike and fish, camp and enjoy the outdoors. I also love to paint so to combine my two passions, art and nature, is a dream. I started painting professionally about a year ago and it has been the best decision I've ever made.
    2.) Where is your favorite place to explore or travel and why?
    My favorite places to explore include the Washington coast, the North Cascades, and more specifically, Winthrop, WA. I just recently returned from a trip up there and I'm telling you right now, the colors can't be beat. It looks as though every leaf on every tree was dipped in gold.  They seem to sparkle in the sun. There are rolling hills all around with some spectacular sunrises and lakes with great fishing. 

      3.) What brings you inspiration?
      I am inspired by the moments in the outdoors that make my heart race and my breath come a little faster. Everywhere I turn there are beautiful scenes that are just waiting to be painted. I love the unexpected hard edges that mountains create and the subtle softness of evergreens that contrast them. I find beauty in the small details of life outside and that's what keeps me constantly inspired.

        4.) What do you like about the Cascade slipper?
        I love the Cascade slipper because of it's sleek, form-fitting design the covers your foot from toe to ankle. The fur around the top of the slipper keeps me warm throughout the day. I also like the rubber sole of the shoe so if I need to I can wear them outside without worrying about tearing them up or getting them wet.

        5.) Why are Staheekum slipper a great choice after an outdoor activity?
        After a long day hiking around outside, I can take my trail shoes off and put on Staheekum slippers and feel instantly refreshed. The padded insole of the shoe takes the pressure off my tired feet and makes me feel like I'm walking on clouds. I honestly wouldn't recommend any other slipper for the outdoor lover. 

        One of Amanda's creations are log ornaments which either have wood burned, or painted landscape details. She searches for the perfect birch tree, cuts, sands, and finishing her own wood rounds for these ornaments.

        Purchase some of Amanda's ornaments on our Marketplace!

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