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Taking 5 With: Ammon Cluff

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Taking 5 With: Ammon Cluff

Meet the amazing photographer, videographer, and content creator Ammon Cluff

Ammon expertly captures the beauty of the outdoors with astonishing desert photography, majestic skies, and lavish forests. With an eye for beauty and excellent camera work, his love for photography has expanded into videography. 

Ammon has recently been focusing on collaboration to expand his network.
Follow him at @ammoncluff for breathtaking photography and to stay up to date on his upcoming projects.

Read our Q&A below and check out his favorite exploring slipper - The Trapper.

1. What are some of your hobbies or interests?
Photography is obviously a hobby of mine. It's awesome to have a job that I also love doing as a hobby. Win win. Some other hobbies are vlogging, watching Netflix with my wife, filming myself make quesadillas, and traveling!

2. Where is your favorite place to explore/travel?
My favorite place I've ever traveled to is Iceland, which was also my favorite place to explore. It’s literally a photographer’s paradise. I also love exploring Utah as well since I live here.

3. Why do you like about the Trapper?
The trappers are awesome! I actually just went on an 8 hour road trip, and they were my footwear of choice for the entire drive. I also love wearing them to the movie theater. They’re just so cozy!

4. Why are Staheekum’s a great choice after an outdoor activity?
The outdoor activities I do are always on my feet. I went to Monument Valley and hiked miles and miles every day. When we got back to camp, the first thing on my mind was slipping into my Staheekum Slippers and roasting a hot dog. Staheekum slippers are like a warm, "welcome home" for your tired feet. 

5. Do you have any tips for first time explorers?
If you’re a first time explorer in a new location, try not to sleep the whole time. EXPLORE! You’ll get way more photos and experiences, and the sleep you’ll have when you get home will be magical.

This slip-on moccasin features warm shearling lining guaranteed to keep your toes toasty. Soft suede lines the outside of this slipper - keeping your feet warm around the campfire or taking a relaxing stroll through the forest. 

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