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Taking 5 With Eva Denka

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Taking 5 With Eva Denka

Meet Eva Denka, a girl with a heart of gold and love for exploring and adventures. She is an animal lover and veterinarian who craves the peacefulness of the outdoors, and thrives in the magnitude and beauty of high mountain tops.

With her humble spirit, Eva's lust for life has brought her to activities such as camping, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and water sports. Her self awareness and infatuation for the nature is truly an inspiration for the outdoorsy girl. Read her Q&A below and check out her excellent tips for first time explorers.

Peer into her adventurous life on Instagram at @_eva_louise_ and take a look at her favorite slipper - The Soothe!

1.) What are some of your hobbies and interests?
I love to get out and play on the weekends, as you can probably tell if you follow any of my social media accounts. But, I also LOVE my job. I am a veterinarian and providing a safe space for medical care for my clients and patients is so very important to me. I am also a fitness instructor; I currently teach cycle and weight lifting classes, but am looking forward to adding yoga to my repertoire this fall. As for weekends and days off? Well you can find me exploring the great outdoors. Camping, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, or on the water. You’ll never find me without my dog, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a celebrity sighting of my adorable camping Siamese kitty!

2.) Where is your favorite place to explore or travel and why?
My favorite places to explore are the mountains. Although I love beaches, rivers and the woods, the mountains are where I find my highest vibration. Their magnitude and beauty take my breath away, and I always leave a mountain summit feeling accomplished, proud, and rejuvenated. Some of my most euphoric moments in life have been from the mountain tops, and I wouldn’t trade that  for anything. My favorite mountain ranges are the Sawtooth Mountains outside of Stanley, Idaho, and the Tetons near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 

3. What do you like about the Soothe slipper?
The soothe slipper is the PERFECT way to keep my tootsies warm on any outdoor adventure. I am constantly running cold, so having a reliable source of warmth for my feet is so important when I am camping! I love the sleek and simple look of this slipper, paired with the soft, cozy interior. Mmm!

4.) Why are Staheekum slippers a great choice after an outdoor activity?
Staheekum knows their audience! I wear my slippers all around camp, never worrying about where I’m about to step. The firm outsole keeps my feet safe and my slippers clean. They are durable, warm, and comfy - what else could you want post adventure??

5.) Do you have any tips for first time explorers?
Utilize your resources! Blogs, travel guides and ranger stations are all great options for researching a trip prior to leaving your house. If you know what you are in for, you’re able to leave your house prepared and confident. It can be intimidating to get out into the wild when you’re not very experienced, so taking the time to familiarize yourself is always recommended. 

Pro tip? Check out the geotags on Instagram for a destination you’re about to travel to. See if anyone has recently tagged the location in their photos and then direct message them asking how their trip went. The worst case scenario - they won’t respond. But best case? You may make a new, adventurous friend!

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