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Wilderness Safety

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Wilderness Safety

Thinking of heading outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather? Take a moment to educate and prepare yourself for the worst case scenario so you can enjoy the adventures to come. 


Always anticipate bad weather conditions just to be prepare for the worst possible situation. Expect to run into rain, cold nights, and traitorous paths to help avoid any possible hiccup in your exploring. Carry waterproof rain gear, warm clothing, and organize first-aid supplies so they can be quickly located.

Physical Preparation

To eliminate many possible health hazards, exercise off the trails to help prepare your body for high altitudes and hot weather. Training regularly will help improve your health and will help you adapt to uncertain weather conditions.

Eating and Drinking

Allow adequate time to eat, drink, and rest while adventuring to avoid dehydration and exhaustion. Know roughly how long you will be exploring and plan your meals and snacks ahead of time. Always bring more than you think you will need just in case you or someone on your trip gets extra hungry. Encourage your group to frequent rest stops water breaks and carry supplies for water filtering.

Sun Protection

It’s always best to overestimate the protection necessary and use a strong sunscreen. Apply your sunscreen one hour before sun exposure and keep the skin dry for at least two hours.  Try not to apply insect repellent at the same time as sunscreen as it reduces the effect of sun protection. In dryer climates, apply sunscreen every few hours.

Physical Injuries

The most common injury on the trail is a sprained ankle. To avoid this wear supportive footwear, use walking sticks, show extra caution on rocky paths, and wear properly fitted and balanced backpacks. We love slipping on a pair of Staheekum slippers after exploring to help wind down and prepare for the next day ahead. After spending all day adventuring, there’s nothing better then treating your feet to delightful comfort.

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