Nicole Labonte

Founder and illustrator behind Wild Slice.

Meet Nicole Labonte - the creator behind Wild Slice who takes inspiration from the beauty of nature to produce captivating, hand drawn creations. Nicole is passionate about exploring the connection between art and nature, which is displayed in her stunning creations of mountains, trees, animals, and more. Her designs are featured as stickers, prints, and apparel. She even offers some designs as tattoos if that’s your thing! Learn more about Nicole on her etsy here, and keep up with her adventures at @wildslice.


Nature inspires me, and I hope my art inspires others to get outside, breathe, and experience this earth and all that it holds.


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1. What motivates you to get outside and enjoy the outdoors?

The outdoors is where I go to connect, unwind, refresh and renew. It uplifts my spirit and helps me remember who I am at the core.

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2. In what ways do you limit your impact when enjoying the outdoors?

I always pack it out, never leave anything behind, and try to clean up after others if they have left anything behind. I stay on trails when it is advised and always respect the land and creatures that occupy the space and surrounding areas.

3. What environmental threats do you care about most, and what are you doing to help?

I strongly believe in leaving as small of a footprint as possible, and honor the land and respecting the energy of a place.

4. What inspires you to bring positive change to the environment?

I’m inspired to bring a change by the amazing beauty I see in nature and how perfectly it all works together. I want to stay in the flow and protect this amazing planet however I am able to. A big part of that for me in drawing the feelings I experience when I am out in nature. Feelings of peace, joy and connectedness. Nature inspires me and I hope that my art inspires others to get outside, breathe, and experience this earth and all that it holds. Hold it dear as it holds us so dearly.

5. What message would you like to share with future generations to inspire them to protect the environment?

The belief in knowing that we all are connected and breath in unison. The land, creatures, people. We all exist as one. If we protect and honor one thing it transfers to the next.

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