At Home Activities

For those of us who love exploring and the outdoors, nothing can be more frustrating than being stuck inside. But there’s nothing saying this indoor experience has to be boring or stop you from having a good time. We’ve come up with a few great activities that anyone can accomplish from the comfort of their own homes. All these projects take will be a little creativity and maybe some internet access.

Changing up your photography game


We suggest you use this opportunity to spend some time setting up an amazing shot instead of simply capturing a beautiful outdoor scene like you might normally do. Ask your friends, family, or pets you might otherwise be stuck indoors with to work with you as models. Or you could even set up a camera timer and be your own model. If you’re all by yourself try setting up still life scenes of objects or food!


Indoor photography gives you, the photographer, more control over your lighting instead of relying on things like the sun’s position, cloud coverage, and weather. Play around with lamps, colored lightbulbs, and even flashlights to experiment with colors and harsh shadows. Remember the golden hour in the late afternoon before sunset gives your subjects a wonderful glow.


Since you’ll have more time indoors for editing your fantastic pictures, we suggest playing around with shooting RAW if you can. This file type will unlock a whole array of editing possibilities you won’t normally get if you’re shooting in JPEG. Playing around with settings like white balance, vibrance, and boosting shadows can dramatically improve your shots.

Plan out future trips

A little planning ahead never hurts and it will give you something to really look forward to for when you finally get out of your house. You can scour through some old hiking books or do some online research into some hikes you’ve always wanted to do but could never decide on. You’ll have plenty of time for research. Maybe even make some trail mix yourself. 

Take Up Journaling or creative writing

For some, the process of putting your thoughts into writing can be very therapeutic. It’s a way to tame the thoughts and emotions swirling around in your head like butterflies. If you’re stumped on ideas, there are lots of sites out there that generate intriguing prompts like this one.

Tour A Virtual Museum

Though a lot of us don’t know, many world-famous museums actually offer interactive virtual tours of their collections. You can visit the mummies of Ancient Egypt at The British Museum. Or walk up The Guggenheim’s famous spiral ramp without ever leaving your couch.

For a more complete list of world-renound exhibits available online check out Google’s Arts and Culture Collection here. Or if you’re feeling like some stargazing, Nasa has their entire media library available for free.

Make A house cleaning playlist & rock out

Now more than ever it’s a good idea to get a head start on your spring cleaning. What better way to power through that tidying up than with a power playlist? We recommend a list of some hard-hitting bangers mixed with some driving ballads to get you in the mood for cleaning house.

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