Cozy Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day is coming up! We've seen all the chocolate hearts and big teddy bears before, and those are great... but let's step it up a notch. If you're looking for a different way to celebrate the one you love in a cute and cozy way, keep reading! Don't forget to pair your favorite Staheekum slippers with the date activity you choose to make it extra cozy. Tag us @staheekum so we can see what you all did! 


1. Order In

Ordering in is such a classic date night idea, but so ideal while we are trying to stay social distanced. Good thing most restaurants are open, so you can choose your favorite establishment or even support a smaller, local place that you have been dying to try! If you're trying to mix things up, try inviting another couple that you've been quarantining with. Bonus points if you surprise your S.O. with a cute fireside setup! 

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staheekum men and women adventure slippers cute valentine's day date ideas

 photo by: @dirtandglass and @heypamcakes 


2. Movie Night 

A movie night, but add a little ~spice~. Go to the store and pick a few categories of items that you want to get. For example: drinks, chips, candy, baked goods, etc. Once you find the appropriate aisles, one person closes their eyes and randomly points while walking down the aisle until the second person says "stop." Whatever they are pointing to when they stop, is what you get! If you want to keep the surprises going, take advantage of Netflix's "play something for me" option. 

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staheekum men and women adventure slippers cute valentine's day date ideas

 photo by @dirtandglass and @heypamcakes 


3. Car Camp Out

This is a good option if you want to get out of the house, but still want to be cozy. Gather up your softest blankets, fluffiest pillows, and favorite snacks/drinks, and put everything in the back of your car. Play your favorite playlist and drive to an awesome look out spot, climb in the back and enjoy an awesome view! If you want to spark some good conversation, bring a game like 20 Questions or We Were Never Really Strangers. 

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staheekum men and women adventure slippers cute valentine's day date ideas

 photo by @bykristenmarie 


4. Game Night

2020 was the year for board games, so why not play some of your favorites? This could be another great option if you are choosing to double date on Valentine's Day since most board games are made for 2-4 players. Girls against boys, couple vs couple. Make it interesting! 

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staheekum slipper men women and kids valentine's day date ideas

 photo by @dirtandglass and @heypamcakes


5. Photoshoot

It's always so fun to have photos of you and your S.O. to post on Instagram or even hang in your house, and guess what... you don't need to hire a photographer to get them! Put on your cute but cozy outfits, set up your phone (or camera if you have one) on a tripod, and use a Bluetooth shutter button or turn on the self timer. Try different poses, bring some props, and have fun!

Featured slippers: Eden Flannel & Sierra Flannel  (sold out, but similar style is here)

staheekum slipper men women cute valentine's day date ideas

 photo by @shelbylizco @mikkinthemaking 


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