Glamping Tips and Tricks

Glamping Tips and Tricks

Glamping if you don’t already know is elevated camping whether that is a large tent with a mattress, a cabin that has running water, or a campsite with a spa center. The difference between glamping and regular camping is comfort level and amenities.

*all photos by @dirtandglass 

Here are our top 6 tips for glamping!

  1. Start planning early to get the most out of your experience with minimal stress. Nobody likes stress!

Here's our camping checklist to get you started

2. Light up your space! Bring twinkle lights and solar lanterns to help light up your space and add to the relaxing atmosphere. Such an easy way to make your site a little more magical (and photogenic).

twinkle lights glamping set up tips camping slippers

3. Bring entertainment. From glow sticks in water bottles to make bowling pins to a classic board game of Clue can always bring fun ways for you and your family/friends to interact outside of the internet. Hang up and hang out!

4. Can’t get away from the office? Nervous about going off the grid in case of a work emergency? Bring a solar powered laptop charger just in case! But make sure to let people know that you are out of office.

5. Remember this is your vacation and time to snuggle up and relax! Don’t forget your favorite Staheekum Slippers for the chilly mornings and cold nights cuddled up around the fire with your friends or family. And don't forget your warm drinks!

warm drinks warm slippers glamping camping

6. Stay clean. Although glamping traditionally has more amenities, an indoor shower is not always included. Bring biodegradable soaps and shampoos to stay clean and keep our environment healthy and strong #leavenotrace

7. Bring real food! Nothing makes you feel like you're camping more than traditional camp food. Make sure to pre-pack some meals that make you feel like you're just at a less than fancy outdoor restaurant. Easy things to spice up your camp cooking are breakfast sausage, bacon, eggs, and english muffins.

tips on how to glamp breakfast food recipes slippers for camping 

8. If all else fails, get an AirBNB! Our friends and Staheekum ambassadors @dirtandglass and @heypamcakes are cabin connoisseurs if you are looking for a cozy place to hide away for a weekend. 

glamping tips and tricks camping slippers

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