Mocassins for Movember

staheekum supports movember by donating 2 dollars every purchase Happy Movember! 

This year, for the month of November, Staheekum is stepping up our facial hair game to take part in Movember! 

For the entire month, Staheekum will be donating $2 from every purchase to the Movember Foundation, which raises funds and awareness of men’s health issues like prostate and testicular cancer, as well as men’s mental health and suicide prevention. These issues can be often overlooked and affect millions of people in America. Too often, men can be stubborn and wait to see a doctor even if they know they can be at risk for these issues. Staheekum is aiming to help change that for the better and start some important conversations.

donating 2 dollars for every slipper purchase staheekum movember

Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Men's Health... 

  • Men are 24 percent less likely than women to have visited a doctor within the past year 
  • Prostate cancer is the 2nd most common cancer in men in the United States
  • 1 American man will die everyday from testicular cancer
  • In America, 4 out of 5 suicides are men


Want to Help? Here are 5 Things You Can Do To Support Movember:

  1. Grow a beard/moustache
  2. Encourage someone to grow one
  3. Donate money
  4. Move by running/walking 60 miles throughout the month – for those 60 men we lose every hour due to suicide, poor mental health.
  5. Talk to a loved one about their mental/physical health – it’s a priority!


How can women get involved:,Mo%2Dment%20by%20gathering%20friends.

Movember Organization:

The Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation:

Zero. The End of Prostate Cancer:

Gay Men’s Health Center:

Men’s Health Network:

Prostate Cancer Foundation:

Mankind Initiative:

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