Staheekum's Cabin Essentials List

Picture this: You’ve planned the perfect cozy winter cabin getaway and you’ve been looking forward to it for weeks.  The time comes for you to pack before leaving and you’re left scratching your head about what essentials you need to bring along.  Staheekum is here with some expert answers for you to help you pack your bag the right way!


For this list, we teamed up with Staheekum brand partner and cabin connoisseur Chris Daniele of @dirtandglass.  He runs the cabin guide The Cabinpedia where he visits and reviews gorgeous AirBNB cabins around the country.  Here’s a list of 5 Cabin Essentials according to @dirtandglass.



This time of year is all about bundling up, don’t leave your feet in the cold. Always pack a cozy pair of slippers! On top of just being an absolute accessory on a freezing Winter night, when you come in from a day of playing in the snow it is the best to go from boot to slipper without even having to touch the floor.


Picture of Staheekum Slippers



Go into full burrito mode and wrap up by the fire. This is an essential, not negotiable! If you have a favorite blanket bring it along.


Picture of Staheekum Blanket Slippers


Good Reading Material

Books are the ultimate way to escape. Getting lost in a good story is without a doubt my favorite way to kill a few hours. A rustic cabin is the ultimate place to lose one's self in a story. A cabin without television and wifi are hard to come by these days but a cozy nook, plus that blanket you brought, who needs tv? 


Picture of Staheekum Slippers and woman reading


Beverages and Tasty Snacks

As important as your three square meals a day are, when you’re up in the mountains relaxing the snackage reigns supreme. Prioritization of your favorite snacks is key. You have to treat yourself, it is a mini vacation after all! Bring all your favorites and indulge. 

Equally important is a fine selection of beverages. Hot, cold, morning, and night. Be sure to bring along an assortment! 


Picture of Staheekum Slippers and Snacks


Board Game and Cards

The whole purpose of a cabin stay is to shut off your phone and unwind. Our day to day lives are filled with endless emails, phone calls and mindless scrolling, it can be really hard to disconnect! Turn on airplane mode and have some good old fashion fun.


Picture of Staheekum Slippers Game night


We hope you enjoyed our list of 5 Cabin Essentials!  Make sure to keep these in mind the next time you’re planning a cozy cabin getaway.

*Photos provided by @dirtandglass

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