As the sun comes out from behind the clouds this time of year, many of us start to hear the call of the great outdoors. 


Having little ones to take care of can certainly deter any parent from planning a giant trek up a mountainside. Though here at Staheekum we firmly believe in the power of going on outdoor hikes with your kids once they reach a certain age.  Kids are always curious to explore new places and what better spot to let them wander and run around than the great outdoors.  Plus, you can instill an outdoorsy spirit


Here are 5 tricks and tips on how any mother can make planning a hike with your kids even easier on yourself.


  1. Prepare with Snacks

Kids can often burn through energy faster than adults do, so you will want to make sure to pack extra snacks and fluids to refuel with along the way. Some personal favorites of ours are granola bars, fruit snacks, juice boxes, and string cheeses.  Your kids might be so energized that they don’t realize how dehydrated they’re getting, especially in Summer, so make sure to stop and take breaks.

staheekum slippers mens womens kids tips for mom: how to hike with your kids


  1. Bring Extra Layers

Kids tend to get colder faster than adults do, so it’s really important to pack extra layers for your little ones to stay cozy in for if they get cold.  An extra fleece layer or light jacket should do the trick in case the weather changes or the temperature drops. Warm socks and footwear will go a long way too!  If your kids like to run ahead and explore, bright clothing can be helpful for visibility too. Warm shoes are also a must! Shop our Kid's Viben booties here

staheekum slippers mens womens kids tips for mom: how to hike with your kids


  1. Pick the Right Destination

Choosing the right hike doesn’t have to be that tricky if you know what to look for.  Depending on the skill level of your kids, pick a hike that’s both short and full of interesting features.  You’ll want to allow for extra time on the trails since you’ll be taking longer rests and snack breaks. You can even use snacks as a motivator to move your kids along the next leg of the trail.  It also helps to find a trail close to your home so that your kids don’t get too bored in the car ride there.  Let them know how long the trail will be and how many hours it should take to complete so they know what to expect on the journey. 


  1. Make Sure You and Your Kids Know Safety Procedures

This is one of the most important tips on this list and can make a whole world of difference in case something wrong happens. If you have loud safety whistles, give one to each child so that they have a way to reach out to you in case you get separated.  For every hike with your kids, make sure to plan out what to do in case you get separated.  If a child gets lost, it’s usually best practice to stay in place until they are found. Reiterate that they should always stay on the trail and that they should try to keep within eyesight of a parent.  Also, always reminder to pack out everything you’ve brought along on the hike with you and to not leave any trash behind.

 staheekum slippers mens womens kids tips for mom: how to hike with your kids

  1. Get ready to relax afterwards

After the hike is done, you can reward your younglings with a nice warm meal or maybe even a dip in a creek to safely cool off.  You’ll want to help yourself by slipping out of hiking shoes and into some more comfortable footwear like our Women’s Staheekum Slippers to relax after a hard day’s work.  Let your kids unwind and swap stories from the hike like the kinds of animals they saw in the great outdoors.

 staheekum slippers for men women and kids tips on how to hike with your kids

Hiking with your kids can be the perfect way for outdoorsy moms to bond with their children for Mother’s Day.  We think going on these adventures with your little ones is a great way to get them curious about nature and inspire their own outdoor journeys that they can take their own kids on someday.  Thanks for reading our blog and for carrying on the legacy of trail hiking to the next generation.


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