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How We Care

Our team here at Staheekum is dedicated to making a continuous effort to lessen our environmental impact. We care about the future of our planet and are doing our part to find ways to be more eco-friendly. According to the EPA, packaging accounts for about 30% of America’s trash by volume, or around 78 million tons per year, and even though 53% of that gets recycled, the rest goes into landfills. To help this cause, our shoe boxes are made of recyclable natural cardboard and we use paper tape to seal boxes. Additionally, single orders on our website ship in it's own box - why put a box in a box!


Trees for the Future

Trees For the Future

Staheekum supports Trees for the Future in its ambition to help communities decrease poverty, motivate positive social change, and improve both local and global environments. By purchasing one pair of Staheekum shoes on our website, you plant 1 tree! 

To learn more about Trees for the Future, visit

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace provides research, education and initiatives so every person who ventures outside can protect and enjoy our world responsibly. Staheekum proudly supports Leave No Trace by embracing and sharing their 7 Practices.

To learn more about Leave No Trace, please visit



We recycle paper, plastic, glass, cans, batteries, packing materials, metal, ink cartridges, and even staples!


Our restrooms and breakrooms have touchless faucets. Employees are provided with reusable water bottles to fill using our energy efficient cold/hot water dispenser.


Default print settings are double-sided and set to use the least amount of ink. Turn off lights when not in use and use the most energy efficient lighting options, turn off computers and monitors after leaving, and adjust the thermostat to save the most electricity.


We make our own compost! When disposable cutlery, cups, and plates are needed, we purchase the compostable option!

Company Events

Employees are encouraged to carpool or use ridesharing apps to attend events. Staheekum is a part of the community Adopt-a-Street program and participates in litter pickups regularly. 

Product Design

Our shoe boxes are completely recyclable. Single-item orders are shipped in their shoe boxes and sealed with paper tape to eliminate the need for an extra box. Staheekum slippers are lined with a wool blend, instead of less sustainable shearling.